Care and maintenance


The perfect padding,
for furnishings with a tender heart

In a sofa, the padding is an element of fundamental importance: it must ensure the right balance of softness and weight resistance to obtain the best results in terms of comfort and performance.

As regards the padded part of Tay Lord products, we have opted for a combination of different densities materials: the supple upper part offers a pleasant feeling of welcome, while the underlying mattress, always soft, but at the same time resistant and elastic, gives the right support.

One of the materials contained in the padding of Tay Lord products, polyester fiber, deserves particular attention.

Used in flakes, it has multiple properties:

  • extremely soft and light
  • its anti-static treatment prevents the release of static electricity and naturally discharges the excessive energy accumulated by the body, giving a relaxing effect
  • totally hypoallergenic
  • machine washable, dries quickly
  • practical and versatile: it does not require particular maintenance

Specifically, the polyester fiber we use is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified: this control system for the textile sector, independent and international, indicates that the material has been tested for the absence of harmful substances, and that the manufacturer is certified as environmentally friendly both in processes and in factories.

The frame

The frame: a guarantee of reliability

The quality of the frame of upholstered furniture is also relevant: it is the load-bearing structure, it must guarantee reliability and durability. For this reason, we use solid wood for the frames of Tay Lord products: a precious and resistant material.

In the Smith model, the metal structure is visible, representing a refined aesthetic element, as well as a solid structural element.

Removable cover

Hygiene is synonym of safety

Proper furniture hygiene is essential to ensure the best rest for your dog and a safe environment for you.

Tay Lord products feature a removable cover, and the internal parts can be separated to ensure thorough cleaning.
As a matter of fact, not only the outer covering is washable in water, but also the inner padding: the 100% cotton lining, a natural and breathable fabric, contains the polyester fiber, and can be machine washed up to 30 °.
The mattress can possibly be ventilated by placing it outdoors (or in a well-ventilated place) for a few hours.

To ensure total hygiene, against any unforeseen event, we have enclosed all the padding in a cover made with a special waterproof, antibacterial and anti-odor fabric, washable at 95°. The bottom consists of a breathable membrane, to allow the passage of air and therefore correct breathability.

To clean metal structures, we recommend using a soft cloth; if a deeper cleaning is required, use a cloth moistened with warm water, making sure then to dry everything with a soft, dry cloth.