Tay Lord

Tay Lord was born from the need to have a special sofa dedicated to our dogs. Nothing on the market seemed to match what we were looking for: a quality piece of furniture, not the ordinary dog bed or a generic item for pets. A complement that could fit in with character and consistency in the environment, enhancing it.

Hence the idea of developing a line of upholstered furniture dedicated to dogs, combining the need for comfort and well-being of our furry friends, with the attention to style and functionality required by their owners.

Our mission is therefore to meet your needs and your four-legged companion ones.

Care and passion

Today more than ever, home is indisputably the center of our world: for some, it is the place of affection; for others, it is the witness of precious moments spent with the family; for still others it is the ideal space to carve out time for themselves.
Whatever way of living at home, we are sure that the common feeling is always the same: it represents the place par excellence in which to fully feel ourselves, the perfect refuge where the watchwords are protection, warmth, authenticity.

It is therefore essential to feel fully satisfied with the environment in which we spend a large part of our time, where we can indulge in pleasant moments of relaxation and well-being with our best furry friend.

We know how much you love your dog and we are aware of the attention you have paid in furnishing your home, adapting the trends to your personal style.

For this reason we are committed to devote, in turn, extreme care in the choice of materials and in every phase of production, to be able to convey all our passion for the world of furniture as well as the love for our four-legged friends: two feelings we have strong and that we share with you.

The authentic Made in Italy

Tay Lord sofas are entirely produced in Italy. But we are not just talking about the geographical origin of the materials and the production site: for us, authentic “Made in Italy” is above all knowing how to intrinsically express Italian culture and style, thanks to a sartorial attention declined in every phase of life of the product.

The use of selected materials (the same used in the world of furniture for “humans”) and the craftsmanship with which they are treated, guarantee a timeless, high quality, and therefore durable, safe product.

Thanks to the different models available and the numerous customization possibilities, it is possible to create countless different stylistic expressions, all however united by the common search for good taste and in full support of your personal style.

Our consulting service is available to support and help you in your choice, welcoming your requests and translating them into the perfect product for your space and style needs.

Like a tailored suit: made just for you and your dog.

Who we are

The Tay Lord team

What do we have in common?

  • Our Italianity, that is not represented only by our nationality, but most of all by our being very proud and grateful to be born and raised surrounded by the excellence that our country offers, especially in the fields of design, fashion and food
  • A solid professional background in the field of furniture
  • A four-legged friend by our side
  • A great passion for dogs
  • A deep sensitivity for interior design
  • The belief that the success of an interior design project resides in the attention paid to details: every single piece of furniture should have its own character, but also integrate consistently in the context in which it is placed. We therefore are convinced that a careful research and a choice that can enhance this harmony are fundamental.

And…what we don’t?

  • We are a team with different ages, characters, needs and lifestyles
  • Each of us specializes in a different area of the company: design, production, communication, sales
  • Each of us is convinced that his/her dog is the most beautiful ☺
  • We are design lovers, but in furnishing our homes each of us has opted for a different favorite designer brand and style. This is why we have created several collections, in line with the different stylistic currents that coexist in the current design market.