Quality and customization


Metal and craftsmanship: the pride of having a unique piece

Industrial production and process automation, over the years, have gradually taken the place of craftsmanship. The manual processing of metal is an ancient art, whose gestures, techniques and tools have been handed down for generations, and that Tay Lord wants to protect and enhance: the respect for raw materials, the care of every single processing and competence of our blacksmith are a guarantee of excellent craftsmanship. Opting for processes and treatments with a high artisanal content allows us to obtain absolutely unique and recognizable products, giving life to a collection that expresses the value of Italian craftsmanship, looking at current and contemporary horizons as regards aesthetic research. Each piece is a real work of art: craftsmanship does not allow exact copies and small imperfections or differences are a guarantee of the uniqueness of a handmade product. Tay Lord has carefully selected 6 elegant matte shades and 4 precious glossy finishes to choose from to personalize your piece of furniture:


Velvet, for a timeless charm

Velvet is an ancient material, which for centuries has been chosen by nobles to furnish their homes. Born in the East, thanks to Arab merchants velvet reached Europe and in particular Italy. From the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, the cities of Venice, Florence, Lucca and Genoa were the main centers of production and distribution of this precious fabric throughout the continent. Initially, according to tradition, only silk was used to create velvet, in order to give maximum shine and prestige; over the centuries, other natural fibers such as cotton, linen and – in more recent times – also synthetic fibers began to be used to increase its resistance. A refined, timeless fabric, where tradition and modernity coexist and thanks to this eclectic character, it has never lost its charm: consolidated presence in clothing, it remains one of the most popular fabrics also in interior design, especially for those who love a very refined style.
Capable of enhancing any type of environment, velvet is an emblem of preciousness, giving intensity and elegance. It is a material that stands out and, depending on its use, it can become the absolute protagonist or give the touch of style necessary to make the most out of any setting. Glossy metals and reflective surfaces in general enhance the glimmering look of velvet, obtaining a more luxurious result; if combined with opaque metals or wood, the effect will be more sober. Tay Lord has selected an innovative velvet to ensure not only a refined aesthetic result, but also convenience and durability: a soft to the touch, washable, wear-resistant fabric. Tay Lord velvets can boast a Martindale resistance of over 50,000 and can be machine washed up to 40°C to ensure maximum hygiene. A traditional appearance, with a technical performance characterize this elegant, eclectic fabric.


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